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Who We Are

Being Local Makes The Difference

Valley Business Systems has been a locally owned and operated Lehigh Valley company for over 30 years. Owners John Hanchick III and Matt Dietrich have over 50 years of experience in copier technology. We specialize in multi-function copiers, high-speed scanners, wide format printers, document management systems, computer sales and service, and network solutions.
All customer phone calls are answered by one of our friendly staff members. No complicated answering system to navigate. Get same day service and same day delivery of supplies! Experience the difference for yourself…

What We Provide

Valley Business Systems Is The Right Solutions for Your Business Needs

VOIP Services

You've probably heard about VoIP -- voice communication that transmits over the Internet. It reduces office expenses by 30-50% compared to traditional phone bills, and it empowers businesses to go far beyond the restraints of a typical telecommunications. We can evaluate your needs and pair the best- fit VoIP solution for your business. Our solutions are scalable to accommodate your company's growth.

Threat Monitoring, Detection and Protection

VBS offers an EDR which helps prevent cyber threats—including malware, brute force attacks, and zero-day exploits— from reaching your environment. To do so, it continuously searches for known malware using rules-based threat detection while proactively hunting for unknown malware using AI- based (also known as “behavioral-based”) detection designed to detect and analyze anomalous files and programs to mitigate risk. Whether known or unknown, detected threats trigger alerts that include the details users need to respond quickly and appropriately. The agent is a lightweight program that takes up minimal resources on the workstation or server

Network Security

With cybersecurity threats growing in frequency and complexity, you need the right security in place to prevent, detect and stop cyber threats. We offer a multi-layered approach to security with best-in-class software that is backed by our highly trained security experts. Protect your business and keep your data secure with VBS. Network Security Package covers Managed Firewall Security, Managed Detection and Response.

Email Spam Protection

Our advanced email security uses the same AI-powered detection technology that secures more than 75% of Fortune 100 businesses to protect your greatest security risk: your people. It stops the threats targeting businesses. These include spam, phishing, business email compromise (BEC) and imposter emails, ransomware and malware.



Client-centric support focuses on prioritizing clients’ needs and delivering personalized solutions. By actively listening and understanding unique challenges, businesses ensure tailored assistance and foster strong relationships. This approach enhances client satisfaction and loyalty, leading to long-term partnerships.


Network transparency ensures clear, open communication within a network, allowing all users to access and understand data flows and activities. This fosters trust, enhances security, and improves collaboration by making processes visible and accountable, thereby supporting efficient network management.


Cost management focuses on budgeting and controlling expenses to maximize profitability. It involves tracking costs, implementing savings strategies, and optimizing resource allocation. Effective cost management ensures financial efficiency, supports informed decision-making, and enhances overall financial stability and growth.


Total IT coverage provides comprehensive management of all information technology needs, including infrastructure, security, support, and maintenance. This ensures seamless operations, enhanced productivity, and robust protection, allowing businesses to focus on core activities while their IT systems run efficiently and securely.


Trust and reputation are essential for building and maintaining strong relationships with clients and partners. They foster loyalty and credibility, encouraging long-term engagements. Positive trust and reputation result from consistent quality, transparency, and reliability, ultimately driving business success and growth.
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